Fukushima nuclear accident is just beginning.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

3.11 2014 - Portland, OR Report

March 11, 2014 Day 1095 following the start of the global disaster at Fukushima-Daiichi.

To: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Your Honor:

On this the third anniversary of Fukushima-Daiichi and the nightmare that ensued which we all share, please accept our deepest sympathies and continued solidarity. As people working within organizations promoting environmental and social justice, we understand the need to end nuclear power, weapons and the constant threat of nuclear war. We the undersigned are keenly aware of the terrible toll that is exacted on a population under such stresses. After the terrible loss from the Tsunami, to have the added burden of three melt-throughs and their inevitable after-effects to carry must certainly be a bitter weight.
We stand with you today on 311 to remember those lost from this tragedy, those who will continue to suffer in the coming years due to radiation and we remember all of those who no longer can go home. We stand with you today to demand from your government and ours, that we put an end immediately to nuclear madness and hurt no more of the living on our cherished planet Earth so that we can make way for future generations.

Be strong, people of Japan. We are with you. We have shed many tears for you and for our planet since that terrible day in March of 2011. To the Prime Minister, we implore you to shut down and keep shut down all nuclear reactors in Japan. You have seen the damage that they cause. You have alternate options which will not kill people. There is solar, there is wind. Surely you must have begun looking at those options since Fukushima-Daiichi melted through the containment within hours of the earthquake. Your ocean will give you power if you let it. The sun will bring enough warmth to your country. Shed no more death upon your people and those of us living abroad. We ask the same from our Government!

It is time to recognize the toll from nuclear power and it is time to remove all the nice words around it. Nuclear power kills. It is that simple. Please, Prime Minister. Do not allow nuclear power in your country to be restored. You have lived almost without it for 3 years now. You would be considered a hero should you stay the right course. Be that person. The entire world would thank you.

Thank you for hearing our words today and feeling our hearts and our sympathy.

Be well Japan.

No Nukes!


Mimi German for

No Nukes NW

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